How to Donate

(Online Fundraising and Collecting Donations)


Once you have completed the Registration Form to enter the Youngharts Heroes fundraising competition, we will create an Online Fundraising Page for you using Give Now.


Give Now is Australia's first donations platform and is dedicated exclusively to not-for-profit organisations. We choose Give Now because it is free for us, free for you and free for donors except for the normal credit card processing fees.


You can use your own Online Fundraising Page to ask for donations, receive payments and provide receipts and Thank Yous. The page will keep a record and tally of all the donations you’ve received as well as allowing you to share your success with your supporters on social media.


Go to to find out more.



At the bottom of that page, you will be able to see and search for your own page.



You can collect donations in other ways, but in order for the amount to be added to your fundraising total and for you to be in the running to be the highest fundraiser and Ultimate Youngharts Hero, you must use your Give Now page.


It is really important to remember that every donation of $2 or more is tax deductible. That’s why some people will ask you for a receipt. if someone requires a receipt for their donation, this must be done online.


When someone goes to your page, they can decide how much to donate and once they have put in their credit card information, they will receive a receipt. You will receive a message to let you know they have donated, so you can send a Thank You.


You can collect donations in person as well as online. If someone wants to give you a donation in person, using notes and coins, that is OK. We don’t encourage cash donations because it is easy to lose notes and coins, mistakes can happen when you are counting and banking cash and it is much safer for everyone to keep the fundraising online. 


We especially don’t recommend that you doorknock your neighbourhood to collect donations. In many council areas, doorknocking requires a special permit because it is not always a safe thing to do, especially for young people.


Remember, we’re here to help you too.  E-mail or call if you have any questions and of course, your supporters can contact us too if they have questions. 



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