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In case you aren’t aware, let us introduce you to arguably the most fabulous Canberran we know.


Isaac Bisa has been a part of the Youngharts Network for … ages. If you’re in Perth you’ll also recognise Isaac since he (and his kickass sister Sally) travelled right across the country to do Grease a second time earlier this year.


Isaac has several passions … in no particular order


  • Obviously!!!! Dance. Hip hop mostly. He has competed at both the state and national level as well as just about every spare minute at his second home … @DanceCentral_Canberra


  • Fashion. Isaac ALWAYS looks fabulous from head to toe.  He coordinates every element of his outfit and rarely wears the same thing twice. 


  • Aladdin. Needs no explanation. 


And he has the biggest heart! He loves sharing his passion with other young creative people and especially sharing opportunities to perform. Last weekend, Isaac hosted an Intermediate/Advanced HIP HOP WORKSHOP to help fundraise for The Youngharts Network.  More than 20 performers came along to @DanceCentral_Canberra and Isaac raised a total of $250 including $100 that he donated himself. 


If you haven’t seen the amazing video of their @todrick inspired #nhhhchallenge check it out and follow @Isaac_Bisa to celebrate his efforts and get a good dose of #Inspo


If you have a BIG DREAM or a bright idea, let us know at and we’d love to help.

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