How To Deal With Stage Fright


Ahhh stage fright. We all get it. Trust us, every single person. Whether its getting up in front of your class to give a presentation, or stepping foot onto a stage in front of hundreds of people! It just takes lots of experience and some helpful tips and tricks to get better in dealing with it. Follow along and you'll be feeling more confident in no time!


1. Be extremely prepared. Knowing the lyrics to your song inside-out or practicing your speech a million times over, so that you simply cannot get it wrong, will help you to feel more confident. Next time you think to yourself "what if I forget the lyrics?" you can combat that thought with "actually, I know my lyrics inside-out and nothing can change that, I will be great!"


2. If you can, look above your audience. As soon as you look at your audience members, dead in the eye, you might get distracted or you may start to feel anxious because you can see that they are watching you. If you look just above their heads, you won't encounter this problem!


3. Do breathing exercises before you go on stage. The power of breath is amazing, especially in times of nervousness. Breathing can rid you of the butterflies in your tummy, regulate your heart rate and can help you to gain more clarity inside your head. Although, breathing can also have a tranquilizing effect and make you feel calm, which may not be great if you still need energy to be on stage! Try the Bellows Breath exercise: inhale and exhale rapidly from the nose with your mouth closed for 15 seconds only. 3 in-and-out breaths per second is ideal! This should engage the diaphragm and cause you to feel energised and invigorated like how you would after a good workout!


Let us know how you go with these tips and remember, it will take time and experience too! If you have any helpful tips and tricks you would like to share with us, write to us at

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