The Movie That Broke Box-Office Records! Reviewed!

 Well the day we were all waiting for finally came, Marvel's Avengers: End Game was released and it went off with a boom! This movie brought in $1.2 BILLION as opposed to its prequel, Avengers: Infinity War which brought in $640 million. According to Disney, this was the first movie in history to cross the $1 billion line for its debut! So what made it so special? Well... here's what we thought of it!


The Marvel Universe, is it the single most important series ever created? After Avengers: Endgame it may well be!


Kicking off directly after the events of Infinity War, Endgame is packed with Superhero goodness. from the mind boggling number of cast members to the LITERAL HUNDREDS of hidden easter eggs, fans of Marvel (and maybe even DC!) will find immense pleasure in this film. The main cast (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Ant Man, War Machine, Rocket, Hawkeye) tie up their respective storylines in such a rewarding way that it's difficult not to appreciate the huge amount of work that must have gone into the writing process.


At the same time the film is not without its flaws, and stumbles slightly with its use (or lack thereof) of Captain Marvel. She never really gets enough screen time (when she does though it's unreal)! A number of fan favourites similarly have reduced screen time, but for fans of the Marvel Universe there is more than enough of everything here.


All in all, this is an exceptional ending to a decade long saga with just enough of a twist to keep things engaging, interesting and INCREDIBLY satisfying. Do miss this one!




- The Youngharts Team

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