Tips to BOOST Your Self-Confidence!


So in Australia, there' seems to be a stigma where our peers often think that being confident means that you're somehow selfish and "up-yourself". It's not just in Australia, but if you compare how we build ourselves up as opposed to say Americans, you might agree that they don't see confidence as something to feel ashamed of. 


As we've grown older, we've realised that there really is no shame in being confident with who you are and what you are good at! Sure, don't rub it in others' faces, but don't feel like you should diminish your sparkle just to let someone else shine theirs' brighter!


So with that in mind here's our tips to boosting your self-confidence and not letting your peers make you feel bad for it!


1. Write a list of all the things you like about yourself! It can be an emotional quality or a physical one, it can be right down to the fact that you smile at people who walk past you. Don't be embarrassed about what to write, it's just for you! Write everything that pops into your mind!

2. Write positive affirmations onto post-it notes! Start with “I am…” and stick them up around your mirror or somewhere that you see first thing in the morning. Choose 3 to say out loud to yourself and keep in mind throughout the day!

3. Put a timer on your social media usage! While social media is a great way to boost your confidence, it's also the easiest way to compare yourself to others and tear yourself down. Use social media less, and you'll have less reason to think negatively about yourself or think about what others have to say about you! Ignorance can be bliss!


4. Regularly practice the activities that you are good at. If you love to sing, SING! It doesn't matter where or how, but by constantly practicing it, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement, which will ultimately boost your self-confidence in that field! Treat your skills like a science experiment, always be on the lookout for ways to improve them!

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