What if I'm Not Good Enough?

I love the start of each new year, when so many exciting possibilities and opportunities lie ahead and there’s much to look forward to. But sometimes thinking of the future can be overwhelming. There’s so much to get done, so many deadlines and expectations to meet, and as much as things could really turn out great, it’s hard not to worry about what will happen if they don’t.

What if things don’t work out?

What if I’m not good enough? 

What if this year is the year that I fail?

There are two ways we can look to the future - we can look through the binoculars of fear, or we can gaze through the telescope of hope. When we look forward with fear, we worry, but worry is a very poor use of our imaginations. We don’t know the future, but it is our job to create it, and a happy future cannot be created by worrying. We build our future moment by moment, by staying in the moment and being fully present in the present, making the best of what we have right here and right now.

Don’t use the present to worry for the future. Use this moment, and the next one and the next, to fill yourself with joy and gratitude and hope and certainty that things are working out for you. Because things really are always working out for you, if you just stop worrying and let them.

Tomorrow is tomorrow’s problem. Let’s focus on this day and this moment and do our best to make the most of what we have. This year, let’s savour each moment, stay in the present, look forward through our telescopes of hope, and refuse to give in to fear and worry. Your life is unfolding beautifully, so don’t worry - be happy! 

Onwards, Youngharts!


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