Who to ask and HOW to ask

First, talk to your parents about who to ask, and how to ask them. Please remember stranger danger and be safe! There is more information in your Welcome Pack.


Ask everyone you know to help you raise funds. Including your family, friends, classmates and more. The list at the bottom of this page will help you get started. Use the back of this page to keep track of who you have asked, who might need a reminder to give you the money and … REALLY IMPORTANT … have you said Thank You?


Remember what you learned at Bootcamp … be brave, be professional, be you.




You: Did you know that I have entered a competition to win the trip of a lifetime to the World Premiere of The Wizard of Oz Arena Spectacular in Newcastle in April. 

Them: WOW! That sounds like a great prize. What do you have to do to win?


You: The competition is called Youngharts Heroes. It is a fundraising competition. The money I raise goes to the Youngharts Network which helps young creative kids like me realise their dreams. The Youngharts Network builds creative communities for young people like me. 

Them: That sounds like a great cause. (There are a bunch of flyers in your Welcome Pack if anyone wants to know more about the Youngharts Network. Or you can tell them to visit www.younghartsnetwork.com) 


THEN … take a deep breath, and just ASK.


You: Could you please help me to raise funds?

Them: Yes – sure. How much should I give you? (YAHOO!!! This is great.  Start with a smile and say something like ‘Thank You so much. I really appreciate your help. Whatever you can give will make a big difference and give me the chance to be the Ultimate Youngharts Hero. Some people have given me $50 or $100 but some people have given me $10 or $20. It’s up to you.’) 


Ask them to put their details on the "KEEPING TRACK OF MY SUPPORTERS" page (DOWNLOAD HERE). Then you can send them the details of how to donate 


Them: No – sorry. I really think it is great what you are doing but I can’t help you raise funds. (That’s OK. Don’t feel disappointed or angry.  Not everyone will be able to help you raise funds. It doesn’t mean they don’t support you. Remember to say something like, ‘That’s OK. I understand. Thanks anyway for listening. I’ll make sure to let you know how I go in the performance and the competition.’)






The people that know you best. The people that already support you!

  • Mum & Dad

  • Brother & sister/s

  • Grandma & Grandad/s

  • Aunts, Uncles & Cousin/s

  • Teacher/s

  • Friends from school (classmates)

  • Coach/Instructors

  • Friends from dance/music/drama

  • Neighbours

Ask Mum & Dad if they can ask some of these people to help you too?

  • Friends from work

  • Accountant

  • Babysitter

  • Beautician

  • Dentist

  • Doctor

  • Gardener

  • Cleaner

  • Plumber






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