Reflecting on #31daysofthanks

It's the end of January, Youngharts!


At the beginning of this month, we asked Youngharts across Australia to spread happiness in 2017 by sharing the things they are thankful for each day using the hashtag #31daysofthanks.


We were overwhelmed with the response we received so we decided to get in touch with some of our Youngharts, including @ellarosebordeaux, to find out how a month of thankfulness had effected her life.


Here is Ella's story!


At the beginning of January, Youngharts Network made the hashtag #31DaysofThanks to start off the New Year with happiness and love. Taking to Instagram January 1st, I got thankful using the hashtag.


Firstly, I was thankful for coffee; after staying up late to watch the New Year’s fireworks, it was definitely needed! As the days went by, I continued to be thankful for things big and small; my friends, family and loved ones, being able to do the things I really love (such as performing). Through the 31 Days of Thanks I have been able to realise that something as simple as catching up with an old friend could brighten up my day.


Being thankful and gracious for a month, I have noticed such a positive change in my mood, experiencing less toxic and negative emotions throughout the day. The results of this lightened mood have included better sleep, and the ability to take better care of myself physically and mentally. Waking up in the morning, I found I had a more positive outlook on life, already looking for the good in everything. Once I found what I was thankful for that day, I would take a picture to showcase and post. Sometimes it was difficult to get the right photograph, but by not giving up, I always succeeded.


Posting what made me happy and thankful each day to social media meant I could also involve my friends in the gratitude. When I was around them I could encourage them to find something in their day that they were thankful for. My friends and family also noticed my heightened mood and overall outlook on life. Finding something to be thankful for each day of January really helped me to start my year off in the most positive way possible.


Focusing on the things that make me happy and realising just how fortunate I am in this life has really given me a new-found appreciation for everyone and everything around me. I would highly recommend trying a month of thanks to anyone wanting to brighten their mood and positivity. I noticed a myriad of benefits appearing in my own life, from mental health and happiness to feeling physically fit and active. Even if you decide not to post your month to social media, keeping a gratitude diary or just waking up in the morning and taking a moment to think about the many positives in life can make the most meaningful impact.



If you'd like to share your #31daysofthanks experience email us at

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