Find your passion, find your happiness

Ever wondered how you can cultivate more happiness in your life. Jahla Black is a performer who recently graduated from BAMT, and she's learnt a thing or two about growing happiness in your life.


The most important thing to me in high school was my passion. My passion for musical theatre, my passion for music, my passion for acting and my passion for dancing; I was the epitome of a passionate teenager. I had a passion and that’s all I spoke/dreamt/thought about. Now that I am well out of high school thinking back to that, I realize that as you change so does your passion. As I developed and found out who I was, I found exactly what I was passionate about, and what I really loved, and I think focusing in on that is what can create true happiness.


If I have to put what I’m passionate about into one sentence this is it:


I love to tell meaningful, life changing stories.


Stories that effect people and change their perspective, I love to help them realize something that they were destined to. Yes I love singing, acting and dancing, but I think they are just stepping stones that allow this underlying message from our hearts as the actors and creatives, into yours the audience.


My whole life I’ve always been told I’m a singer, then an actor, then way down below that a dancer. So coming into BAMT you can imagine that my dancing confidence was not spectacular. Throughout my two years there I have improved and improved, and my dancing has come a long way, so it’s not so far down below now. I’ve had quite the year figuring out whether dancing was going to be a part of my passion or not. I had many crying moments in Tim O’Connor’s office, many crying moments in class, and at the times I felt like musical theatre was over for me. At Tim’s request, I was told to keep a gratefulness journal. He told me that before I went to bed every night I was to write down three things I am grateful for, and this was going to help me find my happiness. I found that although this may not have miraculously made me into a prima ballerina, it sure as heck made me a happier person, and helped me to broaden my thinking into less narcissistic territory. I came to the realization that yes my dancing needs a lot of work, but my passion is not dead, I can still change peoples hearts and minds, I can still make people laugh and cry. In my quest to become a triple threat, I can happily know in myself that every time I perform I can make them feel something.


So Youngharts! This is what I want you to have a good long think about in your quests to better your craft. What makes you happy more than anything else?


If your answer is singing, acting, dancing or any other creative act, that is fantastic, but I urge you to look deeper. Human connection is the most powerful thing on this planet and whatever your passion whether it big or small, if it connects you to another human, helps another human, or like mine, just simply makes someone feel something, it will bring you to a happier place.

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