Introducing the Youngharts Network

After many months of planning, we are so excited to have launched Harvest Rain's Youngharts Network.


This website is designed as a hub for creative young people, a safe place to connect, learn, grow and be inspired.


In 2016, Harvest Rain toured its production of HAIRSPRAY - THE BIG FAT ARENA SPECTACULAR around Australia, involving hundreds of young, local performers in the show in each city where the production played. By end of year, over 2,500 young performers had participated in the production and felt the joy, camaraderie and passion of being involved in such a unique experience. 


But once the show finished, we wanted to make sure the community we gathered continued to flourish. And so, the Youngharts Network was born, not just as a place for HAIRSPRAY mass ensemble members, but as a safe haven for creative kids everywhere.


We know that being a creative young person means you often feel sidelined at school. If your not good at sports, or Maths or English, it's easy to feel like the odd one out. 


We know that lots of creative young people suffer at the hands of bullies. 


We know that lots of creative kids feel lost, alone, isolated, different, weird, strange and depressed.


Well, no more. You are not alone. You are part of a huge network of creative young people who all feel the same as you and share your passion for creativity. We're going to walk through life together, sharing our stories, our knowledge and being inspired together.


Come on the journey with us. Be part of the network. 


We're so excited for the future. Here's to the Youngharts! 





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