Emma Thompson - "Never let yourself be defined by how you look"


Academy Award winning actress Emma Thompson has some important advice for young performers.


"Never let yourself be defined by how you look," she warns. "Never do that."


The star of NANNY MCPHEE and SAVING MR BANKS says, "If people go on and on about how you look, you have to challenge it. If someone says to you that you have the be thinner then you have to challenge them by saying 'Why is my character a thin person? Is my character thin because they are suffering from some sort of eating disorder? Give me a reason. Because if this is a cosmetic reason, then what you want is a model, not an actor."


"Be firm and know who you are and what you are!"


It's sound advice from an actress who has been in the business for over thirty years. Watch the full interview in the video below, and leave a comment  underneath to let us know if you've ever been made to feel bad about your body and how Emma's advice has helped you. 


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