You won't believe what your smart phone is doing to your body


Did you know that most of us spend almost 5 hours each day looking at our phones?


That’s a long time, especially when scientists are now telling us how harmful being too attached to our smart phones can be!


Professor Ofir Turel of California State University says that “up to 11% of people in Western countries are thought to suffer some form of technology addiction”. Researchers at Bournemouth University tell us that using your phone excessively can lead to a slump in creativity. They say that 24% teenagers are ‘almost constantly’ online on smart devices, behaving almost as if addicted to them. Dr Raian Ali says ‘Excessive usage is associated with undesirable behaviours such as reduced creativity, depression and disconnection from reality’.


We’re more likely to feel depressed when we overuse our smartphones. A study from Northwestern University found that, on average, depressed people use their phones for three times as long as people who are not depressed.


Using our smartphones too much can also mess with our sleep. The blue backlight of your phone screen tells your body that it’s daytime – meaning you don’t sleep as well. Harvard researchers found that blue light could ‘shift’ people’s sleep schedules by up to three hours – and other studies showed that blue light stops people getting REM sleep, the most restorative kind.


So, if you want to sleep well, feel good, and be at your most creative, maybe it’s time to think about putting your smartphone down!






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