What is the Youngharts Network?

Harvest Rain’s Youngharts Network is an online hub where over 17,000 young people from all over Australia are gathered to support and encourage each other as they go about building meaningful, creative lives that will impact our world for the better. 


The Youngharts Network website (www.younghartsnetwork.com) offers daily inspiration, education, connection and validation to young creative people, many of whom are from regional parts of Australia. The online experience provides them with connection to other young people just like them, even when they feel disconnected by distance or geography. 


The Youngharts Network also creates real world experiences for young people to participate in. Annual events like the Youngharts Creative Convention and the Youngharts Holiday Workshops provide opportunity for many of these young people to come together in the real world to develop their skills under the guidance of some of the best creative artists in the business.


With the support of our donors, Harvest Rain's Youngharts Network makes over $20,000 in scholarships and bursaries available to its young members across Australia each year. 


Not every child has access to creative opportunities. They might come from different backgrounds or different places and often without any support from family and friends.  Through the Youngharts Network, we give young people the chance to join a positive creative community.

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