Fundraising Ideas and Inspiration

1. WHO to ask and HOW to ask

There are lots of ways to raise funds for charity. The best way to start is to ask the people that know you best and already support you.  If you haven’t already looked at WHO to ask and HOW to ask do that now.


To view WHO to ask and HOW to ask, CLICK HERE!


2. Online Fundraising Page

Your Online Fundraising Page is another great way to let people know about the competition and how to support you.


To find out about our online fundraising site, CLICK HERE!


3. Swear Jar

Why not try a Swear Jar? We all use the wrong words sometimes. Do you know a real potty-mouth? This is your chance to teach them a lesson … and raise some funds for your Youngharts Heroes efforts. 


Find an empty jar, any container with a lid or a tin like the one below and place it somewhere where lots of people go like your kitchen at home or the front of the classroom. Hopefully there is not much swearing going on in your classroom … but maybe there is another word that you can make the ‘Magic Word’ or the ‘Lucky Word’?  Maybe Mum or Dad could take it to work? 


Print a sticker or write on the jar and tell everyone the rules. We suggest $1 or $2 for each Swear or Magic/Lucky Word. Keep a check on the jar and make sure to empty it regularly if it starts to fill up. If it is at school or work, ask someone to put it in a safe place overnight and on weekends.




4. Chores for Charity

We all have important jobs and chores that we do everyday. Lots of them are not much fun. But they need to be done. A great way to raise funds is to do extra chores and jobs. Use the list below to give you some ideas, or go back to your list of WHO to ask and ask those people if they have any jobs you can do for them to help raise more funds.

  • Set the table/clear the table

  • Get the mail from the letterbox

  • Dust the furniture

  • Wash, hang out Fold some laundry

  • Help put away groceries

  • Feed, walk or brush the dog/cat

  • Wash and/or vacuum the car

  • Clean up pet poo in the backyard

  • Take out the rubbish

Remember, we’re here to help you too.  E-mail or call if you have any questions and please … share your great ideas with us.


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