This one-take video clip will blow your mind!


We've seen a lot of fantastic video clips in our time, but this one really has to take the cake. 


We'll be honest and say that we're not entirely sure exactly who Yulia Alexandrova is, except for the fact that she's the singer in this one-take video clip cover of the famous song "I Will Survive".


The magic of this clip is that it was all shot in one single take. No cuts. No edits. The clip starts in her bed before the camera follows her out the window and down the street and into a bus and then onto a fire-truck and then inside a burning building and through a marching band and then we witness a road accident before the whole thing turns into a huge street party.


Basically, it's happiness in video-clip form (and inspiration for any of you budding film makers out there - how did they do all this in one take!?).


Anyway, watch, have a smile and enjoy.



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