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Struggling to keep motivated? Our Youngharts Ambassador Kirra Johnson has shared some of her tips on how to get back on track!


Hello beautiful Youngharts, and welcome to 2017!


I have been having a little trouble with my motivation over the past few days, and thought I’d share some of my thoughts on this feeling and how I am working through it! Motivation can sometimes be very difficult to grasp, and it really does come and go. Sometimes, like yesterday, I find myself in a ball of confusion. You know that feeling where you know you have a billion things to do, but you would rather do something completely irrelevant or unrelated? - Like clean your blinds, or mow the lawn or something dreadful like that. Or maybe you just feel stuck on what to do with your life in general, and you feel no motivation to figure it out? Well if you are on the same page as me, this might help you. I’m no expert, but here are some fixes I find helpful to get me back on track, whether it be for a list of things I have to do, or just to help me feel refreshed.


My Mind Detox:



This one may seem obvious, but not enough people will actually commit to the activities or methods that they know help improve their moods or motivation. I know I definitely don’t! Yesterday I had to force myself out of bed after I had finished work, just so I could take my dog for a walk. Luckily, I live right across the road from the beach, but don’t be fooled; even I have to really push myself to turn my thoughts of a walk, into actions.


Every time it surprises me how much a walk with my lazy, considerably “well fed” dog can change my entire mindset. I will always get home with a fresh perspective, and a clear mind. I also made the effort to wear fitness clothing, so I wasn’t inclined to just casually walk. Just by running on and off and chasing my dog, I was also getting a little exercise in. If you’re anything like me, and would rather swim in hot candle wax than go for a run, this situation is perfect because you are not putting any pressure on actually exercising. What a bonus! Your body will thank you for it afterwards, and wouldn’t have even realised why. Now, I understand a lot of people don’t live by the beach, but you all can find your own ways of clearing your head. This may be by lying outside in a hammock, or walking through the city, or watching the lights and cars from your balcony, or picking flowers in your yard. Whatever it may be, the key is to only focus on that moment, and to take it all in. Take a deep breath, and only focus on the present happenings. I recommend being outside of your room, you wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes. Break the bubble, and find a new perspective!



I understand a lot of people can be very against lists of any kind, and if so, maybe skip to no. #3. Actually, no, you probably wont like that one either; just give this one a try. Making a To-Do list can be one of the most helpful steps in regaining your motivation, as it feels surprisingly satisfying when you are crossing off a task once it has been completed. If you finish a To-Do list, it then becomes a kind of “Achievement List”. Trust me, I am always so very proud of my completed lists. So much so, I’ll usually go show my mum as though it’s my finest work.


Once your tasks are out of your head and put on to paper, you actually have a starting place! It becomes less of a jumbled head mess, to more of an organised paper mess! It’s a win-win! All jokes aside, I love making lists so much I actually bought a book dedicated to To-Do lists and tasks (Kmart, $6). The more you write, the more you want to write! - Just be careful not to go too overboard with the amount of tasks. I think it is the perfect starting step to getting your thoughts and goals in order, and it makes the commitment for you just by being written and in font of you.



Yes, this is another one you all might dislike, but it might just help a few of you! When I am feeling completely snowed under, or just need to feel cleansed, I will always clean and sort through my room. Learning to be a little less materialistic can feel incredible. Clearing the dust and unused items from your room can feel like clearing the negativity from your mind. Even rearranging can be amazing for your mind, as it provokes creativity and thinking. It can also take your focus off current problems or worries, as it feels like a project, rather than a task. By moving your drawers, adding a poster, or removing an old chair, your room and your soul can feel cleansed and refreshed. An extension on this would be to add flourishes like your own art to your room, new pictures you have taken (Print at Kmart!), and a candle. It’s super easy stuff, but it really helps. I always find that when my room is sorted, my life usually follows.



OPEN YOUR BLINDS! This will not only brighten up your house or you room, but your mind! Darkness and moisture can really trap you in your negative thoughts, and can also make you feel very stuck in the one place. Open a window or a door, let some light and some breeze in. Or in general, go out in the sun and soak some of it up. If you find you are getting stuck in your work or your thinking, instead of procrastinating or eating to pass the time, refresh your mind with a quick dose of sunshine and fresh air, and keep pushing on. Even when I am rehearsing a song or dance for an audition or a show, I can sometimes end up frustrated, which then results to lying on my bed with my phone. No, no, no. I have found that it just isn’t helpful, and it really doesn’t motivate you to move any further. Take a breather, lighten up your space, and don’t stop kicking those goals!



As horrible as a change in eating or diet can feel as a starting point, once you are on your way, your mind, soul and body will noticeably thank you for it. Whether you go on a full mission to change your habits, and ONLY eat clean, healthy foods, or you literally just substitute your usual bowl of Milo cereal, to a smoothie- making any kind of change helps at the least. You would be surprised at how your eating can distinguish your moods.  Motivation is sparked from a healthy, happy mind, and usually that will come from a healthy lifestyle. What you put in your body is so important, and even though it can feel like the worst change you could make, it actually will send you on the right path for so many areas of your life.


I hope this has helped you. I had to go through all of these steps to get myself back on track. Just remember, if you feel like this, and it truly is getting you down, you are never alone. This happens to everyone, whether you are 12 years old or 40. It happens! Find your own steps that help you, and write them down so you can use them the next time you’re feeling this way. Sending all my love!


Kirra Johnson, Youngharts Ambassador xx

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