Reasons why 2016 hasn't been all bad

You don't have to look far to find someone saying "2016 has been the worst year ever".


It's all over our Facebook feeds, and almost everywhere you look. It seems like for most people, 2016 really has been a pretty tough year. We lost a lot of our heroes this year, there was a pretty crazy election in America, some equally crazy political stuff happening in Britain, the horrors of Syria, the refugee crisis, terror attacks.....and the list goes on.


But we're thinking that folding our arms in a huff and listing all the most dreadful things that happened this year is only going to make us feel pretty rotten. We decided to go looking for all the good and great things that happened in 2016, and we discovered that the list is pretty long!


If you want to feel a bit of happiness to round out your year, take a look at this list of good things that happened in the last year, and have a smile. And if anyone tries to tell you that 2016 sucked, maybe share this list with them!



World hunger reached its lowest point in 25 years


Global carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels did not grow at all in 2016. It’s the third year in a row emissions have flatlined.


A new survey showed that the ozone hole has shrunk by more than 3.9 million square kilometres since 2006. Scientists now think it will now be fully healed by 2050


McDonalds announced it would be removing corn syrup from its hamburger buns and removed antibiotics from its chicken


British Columbia protected 85% of one of the world’s largest temperate rainforests.


Denmark became the first country to no longer define being transgender as a mental illness, and Canada announced a ban on transgender discrimination.


The world finally got a sequel to FINDING NEMO


All of the war in the world is now limited to an area that contains less than a sixth of the world’s population.


The United States, Mexico, and Canada committed to getting 50% of their electricity from renewables by 2025.


The world's first solar plane took a round the world trip. 


183 countries agreed to the strongest protections ever for endangered animals, which is great news especially for parrots, rhinos, porpoises, rays, and elephants


The United Kingdom agreed to phase out coal by 2025, France said it would get there by 2023, and Germany promised to reduce emissions by 95% by 2050


Netflix gave us more GILMORE GIRLS and STRANGER THINGS

The United States now feeds healthy lunches to more than 30 million children, is about to ban trans fats, and has enacted one of the biggest overhauls of nutrition labels in decades.


China's giant pandas are no longer endangered


Liberia was officially cleared of Ebola, meaning there are now no known cases of the deadly tropical virus left in West Africa


There's an Ebola vaccine now.


The World Health Organisation released a report showing that global malaria deaths have declined by 60% since the year 2000.


Peru and Bolivia signed a $500 million deal to preserve Lake Titicaca.


A new study from the world’s leading health journal reported that the number of women dying from pregnancy and childbirth has almost halved since 1990


Humpback whales were removed from the endangered species list


The US government abandoned its plan for oil and gas drilling in Atlantic waters.


Research confirmed that public smoking bans have improved health in 21 countries.


Sea World agreed to stop breeding captive killer whales.


More than 20 countries pledged more than $5.3 billion for ocean conservation and created 40 new marine sanctuaries covering an area of 3.4 million square kilometres


JK Rowling gifted us with a new Harry Potter book and a new Harry Potter movie

Thailand became the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis


New research showed that acid pollution in the atmosphere is now almost back to the level that it was before it started with industrialisation in the 1930's


Leonardo DiCaprio finally won that Oscar.


And the internet gave us Chewbacca Mom! 




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