Life after graduation

Our Youngharts Ambassador Katrina West has some helpful advice for anyone who's feeling a little lost after graduation.


So you’ve just graduated school.


Exciting, hey?


Schoolies was great fun but now it reality hits. You are suddenly thrown into the deep end of the big bad world that is being an adult. You have to take on responsibilities you never thought you would. You have to start creating a life for yourself.


But how do you do that when you only have $7 in your bank account?


Are you now feeling that anxious churning in your stomach?


Well, I am here to tell you that everything is going to be just FINE. This is super exciting and you’re not alone! There are thousands of kids around the country right now feeling the exact same feeling as you.


Firstly, are you continuing in tertiary study next year? If so, that’s awesome! You’ve got something to aim towards. Stick with it! You never know what opportunities can arise over the next few years.


If you’re planning on going straight into work or having a “gap year”, that’s just as awesome! You will have the freedom to find your feet, go travelling, save your money.


Trust that you will fulfill your life purpose whether that requires a qualification or not. Here’s a few tips for all of you graduating folk of 2016:


Work as much as you can and save your money for that rainy day. You never know what can spring up on you and you need to be as prepared as possible. Open up a second bank account that you don’t have internet or mobile access to for you to put a portion of your pay check into each week. Keep one account for your daily use and one solely for saving. You can never take that money out unless you walk into the bank. Even if it’s just $20 a week, that’s over $1000 a year. Try $50 and its $2600.


Keep in touch with your school friends but don’t be afraid to make new ones! And make the effort to catch up with friends. Life just gets busier from here and you need to almost prove that your friendship is still true even though you may not see each other often.


Do what makes you happy. Always choose a life of passion, a life of love, a life of joy. If going to the beach brings you happiness, go to the beach whenever you can! Don’t get stuck in a routine of work or study. Be spontaneous! Climb a mountain. Go have coffee in a town you’ve never been to before.


Go outside and be active. It’s so easy to become lazy once you’ve graduated. Don’t be lazy. Be thankful for the life that you’ve been given. Get some Vitamin D into you, even if it’s just walking to the corner store. Don’t drive somewhere if you can walk it. Get an inspo board going and set time aside to exercise each day. Otherwise, you will sit around eating bad food and then you will feel ashamed of yourself for wasting the day and it will snowball into negative body image and thoughts. Remember that endorphins make people happy!


Don’t freak out about the future. What will be, will be. Just stay in the moment and enjoy the time you have because tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. Worry about tomorrow when you get to tomorrow. Even then, don’t bother using your energy on worrying! There’s no use when you can be enjoying. Read “Your Guide to Self-Love” for a more extensive version of this.


Clean your room and make your bed each morning. Then your parents won’t yell at you and threaten for you to pay $50 board a week… Yes, I have been there.


Try to live at home as long as you can! If you’re moving out at this age, be prepared for no social life. You eat, sleep, work, repeat. But you’ll have your independence, so there’s that. Let me know what life has been like for you if you’ve moved out straight after graduating!


If you’re studying the arts of some sort next year, be prepared to have the best few years of your life! You will meet so many people just like you and your mind will be blown by how much you learn not only about your skills but yourself as well!


If you need someone to talk to or have any other questions you’d like answered, leave a comment below and we'll do our best to answer! Don’t stress. This is just the beginning of your life! Be excited about it! Good luck with your future endeavors! 

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