Top 4 Christmas Broadway show tunes

Musical theatre aficionado Barnaby Reiter, who plays the role of Doody in GREASE  - THE ARENA EXPERIENCE, is currently holidaying in New York so while he's rugged up inside watching the snow fall, we asked him to share with us his favourite Christmas show tunes!


Who doesn’t love Christmas? For me, Christmas means a time of year where I get to reflect on the wonderful year that was and begin to plan for what I want to achieve and the person I want to be in the year to come. But then, I think we can all agree that any public holiday to hang out with your family and eat until you feel sick is a great way to spend a summer's day!


The only thing that I love more than Christmas is MUSICALS (and watching Broadway musicals online until way past my bedtime) so I thought I’d combine the two (three) and share with you my favorite musical songs about Christmas to get you into the holiday spirit in the lead up to the big day!



4: Elf: The Musical (Sklar and Beguelin)

I know, I know, I KNOW I said “songs” but this whole show is sooooo good! Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies so you can just imagine my delight when they turned it into a musical! Just watch it (the movie and the musical) and you can’t help but have a dorky smile from ear to ear!



3: 12 days to Christmas -  She Loves me (Harnick and Bock)

This song is really funny in the show! They all work at this store and each time they sing the song they do the same actions to re-enact each day going past and with each day it gets faster and faster…. One character falls over in the first day and slowly get’s up and dusts herself off and goes on with her duties by by the end when it’s super fast she is practically throwing herself on the ground and sliding across the stage! If you like the song, the whole soundtrack is on this playlist and I strongly recommend listening to how well these actors make an almost 80 year old sound so fresh and relatable to a 2016 audience!



2: Turkey Lurkey Time - Promises, Promises (Bacharach and David)

Now stay with me! I know you might be like “Barney, that is the weirdest name for a song ever!” but it’s really cool! So just to set the scene: you’re at the office Christmas party and these three girls start the number then (like all good musical theatre numbers) everyone joins in! Have a look at this amazing number from a lesser-known show but I think you’ll really enjoy it!



1: Somwhere Hovering Over Indianna: A Christmas Story - The Musical (Pasek and Paul)

This is my favourite by FAR! This song never fails to get me excited! The driving bass line and the excitement in the kids voices perfectly encapsulates how I feel every year on Christmas eve!



***Extra compulsory viewing - this is another song from A CHRISTMAS STORY that features Australia’s own Caroline O’Connor as Ms Sheilds!***


Thanks for having a read and listen! I’d love to hear if you have any more to add or even if you find something new that you like! Wishing you all a happy and safe holidays from FREEZING New York City! Love Barnaby xx

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