Is university the best option for you?


It's that time of year when high school graduates are stressing about their final results and worrying about what university course they will be eligible for. And even if you haven't finished high school yet, you're probably already feeling pressure to consider what university you will go to when you do.


Well, Jack DeLosa has something to say that might change the way you think about higher education. He's the Founder and CEO of Australia’s largest education institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage, and he recently gave a speech at Macquarie University about the value of university education in this day and age.


"For the last 50 years we've had a cultural paradigm in our society that suggests university is almost an inevitable stepping stone to creating a life and a career that is meaningful and successful," says Jack. "In my view, that is becoming less true."


"What research is now telling us is that traditional education institutions, by virtue of their size and bureaucracy, are set up and are educating people for a world that no longer exists."


According to Delosa, 53.6% or all university graduates are unemployed or underemployed and only 42 % of employers believe graduates are adequately prepared to enter the workplace.


Jack goes on to explain that large corporations like Ernst & Young have removed their criteria for needing to have a university degree in order to apply for a job with their organisation, because their research shows that success in higher education does not correlate to success in a career or in life. 


He finishes by saying that "If traditional education is no longer leading the way in terms of education, all it means is that we need to take more responsibility over our own education and our own growth"


This is a really powerful speech that's worth watching if you're wondering about the future, about higher education and about how you can build the career and the life that you want. 














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