How HAIRSPRAY changed this little boy's life


On the 11th October 2016, the cast of HAIRSPRAY - THE BIG FAT ARENA SPECTACULAR gathered in a rehearsal room in Adelaide to meet and rehearse with the 600 local young stars who would be joining them on stage as part of the mass ensemble for the Adelaide season of the show. They spent the day piecing the show together with the mass, getting to know them and sharing their knowledge with the up and coming performers. It's always a very inspiring day when the young dreamers get to connect with the people who are doing what they one day dream to do. 


At the end of the day, one of these young hearts - ten year old Charlie - sent this text message to his mother:


"Oh my mummy. I've just realised I'll be sharing a stage with Simon Burke wearing a dress. If that man can wear a dress and it's art, any man can wear a dress for art. I've found my calling. Don't take me home tonight. Life is full. Love, your Charles".


Charlie's Mum was so touched by the message that she shared it with us, and when Simon Burke heard about little Charlie, he asked to meet him in person. 


Watch the video below to see what happened when Simon met Charlie! Prepare to be inspired!  




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