DR DAN'S TIPS - 5 Things Singers Should Never Do!

Dr Dan is a voice specialist, so when he makes a list of the five things singers should never do, we sit up and take notice.


According to Dr Dan, if you’re looking to improve your voice then the first thing you need to do is treat your body the same way a professional athlete treat’s theirs. You are a vocal athlete! This means that everything you do will have an impact on your voice.


He also encourages us all to find a good singing teacher. Every professional athlete has a coach; someone to observe, instruct and correct. Singers are no different. We need someone who can watch, listen and provide feedback for the refinement of our voice. This being said, it’s really important that you choose the right singing teacher for you.


Check out the video below to hear what expert advice Dr Dan has for singers who want to look after their voice. 


To hear more from Dr Dan, click here




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